For the day-to-day management of your transport activity, Oroxilia integrates a complete and flexible logistics solution into your IT system that meets your distribution and invoicing needs.  This solution is AKANEA TMS.

Akanea TMS, gestion du transport routier

AKANEA TMS, a flexible and multi-business transport ERP

AKANEA TMS is connected to your Supply Chain Management ecosystem and allows you to manage your activity and to monitor the profitability of your business.  This is the best TMS (Transport Management System) solution to manage your transport business.

The strengths of AKANEA TMS software

AKANEA TMS was designed by experts in road freight transport.  Over 25 years, the software has become the daily partner of more than 700 companies and 12.000 users.


AKANEA TMS makes your business more efficient and productive.

  • Transport planning and optimization
  • Automation of recurring tasks
  • Organization of processes

Quality monitoring

Everything is implemented and managed so that the quality of service is always there.

  • Continuous traceability of deliveries
  • Centralization of information

Dockside operations

The software allows an optimal management of the distribution.

  • Radiofrequency
  • Label printing

Invoicing and cost control

The software meets your billing needs.

  • Cost calculation and monitoring
  • Calculation of kilometers

Collaborative platform

AKANEA TMS fits into the heart of your ecosystem.  It allows you to establish optimal communication between the different actors in your environment.

  • Internal team
  • EDI
  • Clients


The daily monitoring of your key indicators will give you a complete and instant view of your business activity.


The software is available in range to satisfy both small regional companies and large national or international groups.


Thanks to the software, get a clear and detailed view of your activities.

  • Personalized reports
  • Statistical analyses


AKANEA TMS is aimed at all the user profiles of your company : IT specialists, sales representatives, accountants, dock staff, drivers, etc. and easily supports your development:

  • Specialization
  • Diversification
  • New markets

Oroxilia, integrator of AKANEA TMS

Oroxilia, intégrateur des solutions Akanea

We support our clients in the implementation of the AKANEA TMS solution, from the implementation of the IT project, through all the stages of project management (scoping, configuration, testing, customization, etc.) to achieve flawless integration with your IT system and those of your partners.

We allow you to easily manage your transport activity.